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Hong Kong Apothecary: A Visual History of Chinese Medicine Packaging

Hong Kong Apothecary: A Visual History of Chinese Medicine Packaging



作者 Author: 吳文正 Simon Go

ISBN: 9789628681624

岀版社 Publisher: MCCM Creations
出版日期 Publication Date: 2003

文本 Language: 英文 English




The packaging of Chinese patent medicine has seen the development of a strong and dynamic tradition that has yielded a vocabulary of basic forms. Of these, there are seven traditional basic forms, namely, Gao (plasters), Tan (pellets), Wan (pills), San (powder), Cha (tea), Yeow (oil) and Jiu (wine). These forms had a direct influence on the modes, materials, typefaces, patterns, and compositions used in packaging.A Visual Journey Through Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Packaging is the consummation of Go's four years research on traditional Chinese medicine packaging through interviewing, collecting and studying with Chinese Medicine manufacturers and neighbouring folks since 1997.Richly illustrated with graphical design motifs, this fascinating book documents the contemporary changes and development in the packaging of Chinese patent medicines and the retrospective changes in some Chinese medicine shops since the mid-19th century. The book merits a champion in Hong Kong Print Awards 2001 with high regard.


  • Designers and artists who are both nostalgic and fascinated with contemporary oriental design elements in packaging design;
  • Creative practitioners and marketers seeking for marketing and design inspirations between design and our daily life;
  • Socio-cultural historians having special interest in the changes of Chinese medicine tradition
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