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Classical Chinese Medicine

Classical Chinese Medicine

作者 Author:Liu Lihong
編者 Editor:Heiner Fruehauf
譯者 Translator:Gabriel Weiss, Henry Buchtel, Sabine Wilms
出版社 Publisher:香港中文大學出版社 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press
出版日期 Publication date:04/2019

A towering figure in the literary history of twentieth-century China, Lu Xun has exerted immense and continuous influence through his short stories, which remain today as powerful as they were first written. While echoes of these stories can still be heard in the fictional works from both sides of the Taiwan Strait in the eighties and nineties, The True Story of Ah Q has long become an intrinsic part of the Chinese vocabulary.

  • About the Author

    Liu Lihong is a professor at Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.

  • About the Editor

    Heiner Fruehauf is the Founding Professor of the College of Classical Chinese Medicine at National University of Natural Medicine.


  • About the Translator

    Gabriel Weiss is Naturopathic Doctorate of the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM).

    Henry A. Buchtel is an acupuncturist and herbalist.

    Sabine Wilms teaches at the School of Classical Chinese Medicine, National University of Natural Medicine.

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