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通往大嶼山的慢船上 Sea Cat Sea Fog

通往大嶼山的慢船上 Sea Cat Sea Fog

作者 Author:貓珊 Maoshan Connie

出版日期 Publication Date:12/2023


In a recent conversation with my family, we discussed how there used to be cats on the ferries in Hong Kong, although it's rare to see them nowadays.  Perhaps because the ferries to Lantau Island used to be much slower back then - it took over three hours to get to Tai O, and at least an hour to Mui Wo.  If you get hungry during the journey, you could order a bowl of noodles with spam and egg on the ferry.  To prevent rats, ferry cats came into existence...

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    手繪地圖和兒童綸本的作者、插畫師。英國劍橋大學兒童文學碩士畢業,現居香港,不時出沒於沿岸的海浪間 ,或書店外的大樹下,暢泳,繪畫。

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