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Once Upon a Hong Kong 香港定格

Once Upon a Hong Kong 香港定格

作者 Author:麥震東 Don Mak


出版社 Publisher:Viction Workshop
出版日期 Publication Date:08/2021


一千個人眼中有一千個香港。這個城市包容又獨立,洋溢着自由而奮進的靈魂。今天香港遊走在分岔路口,紛亂的言語指往不同的方向。插畫師麥震東受捷克作家M.Sasek 啟發,以畫筆記錄香港此刻的日常風景,讓小女兒看到這個城市此刻在他眼中的模樣;配合黑貓小姐的文字,留下給未來的話語。充滿生活氣息的畫面,帶來讓心靈安穩的節奏;看那些尋常的當下,如何散發動人微光。

A visual memoir like no other, Once Upon a Hong Kong is a stirring collection of personal work by artist-illustrator Don Mak that captures scenes of everyday life in an ever-evolving city where traces of the past continue to disappear.Each painting is a poignant reflection of the present that he hopes to pass down to his newborn daughter as well as the next generation in inspiring them to be more thoughtful about their local heritage, as they continue to beat the odds.A heartfelt and at times haunting tribute to his beloved home, Don’s first book also features a striking use of colour and authentic storytelling depicting meaningful moments that will forever remain frozen in time.

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